7 Best Funny Gift Ideas For Girls In 2017

Life is beautiful, make it more beautiful with a barrel of laughs. Girls are hilarious when they do silly stuff. It’s Christmas or any other occasion like her birthday, everyone gives her some present so do you.

Funny Gift Ideas For Girls

So, make the moment more memorable and laughable with the funny gift ideas we are going to share, her cuteness is multiplied by a thousand when she has something silly on or she does something silly. We all adore that and love it.

1. Black Bar Glasses

The name says it all. These are a bar like glasses, A straight away rectangle shaped glasses.

Just imagine her wearing these, and everyone is laughing and enjoying the moment. A hilarious gift for her.

2. Personalized Notebook – List Of People

This funny notebook has the title ” List of Guys/Girls I want to Punch in the face .” Give her this as a present, and you’ll be thrilled to know who she wants to hit, haha!

3. Anti-Aging Chocolate Bar

Chocolate wrapped in a cover of the anti-aging title. If she believes it to be real, then there is nothing more hilarious than that when you see her accepting the title. Below this title a warning that says “May cause weight gain if used incorrectly.”

A beautiful gift to tease the person you love a lot. This gift is going to cause a giggle or two between you guys.

4. Two-in-One Wine Glass

The name says it all; it is a wine glass but not just an ordinary wine glass. It has a Wine glass on both ends.

Next time you two want to enjoy a drink, you can tease her about which side to choose to pour the drink. It will give you a smiley moment.

5. Temporary Tattoos

Get a pick of the funniest tattoos you can find and get ready for the fun to begin. Give her these tattoos(temporary), and you guys will have a blast with them.

Make her put them on and then tease her a lot, take a picture or two of her for later on teasing.

6. Inflatable Hand Slappers

You want to have some fun with your girl then there is nothing better than these hand Slappers. Gift her a pair of these then all you have to do is get in a fight with her (A friendly match), you guys will laugh a lot. A perfect gift for her to have a lot of fun.

7. Llama Duster

Pink in color, adorable and cute Llama face. This Llama Duster Bends into your desired shape. The Llama Duster cleans and polishes stuff. When you are not using this Llama duster, you can just put it up on your desk. It will stand on your desk doing nothing but looking cute.

There are a lot of funny things out there that will make your time with her more entertaining by the second. All these ideas are most effective. If you want to check come more ideas out, then try giftbeta.